Celebrate “Uninvited” Love This Valentine’s Day

thIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to try “Uninvited” – described as a paranormal romance.  In truth, I didn’t even know that was a genre, and I’m bit ashamed to say, I liked it!  What connected me to the story was that Heather Graham capitalized on the frequent occurrence that people “feel” the presence of a ghost.  For me, that feeling was overwhelming as I quickly walked amount the decadent graves in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. “Uninvited” was set in another town filled with death and war, Philadelphia.  When a docent at the Tarleton-Dandridge Revolutionary War Historical Home is found murdered, a special unit of ghost hunters is instantly on the case.  This was Ghost Whisperer meets historical fiction circa 1776, and the result was surreal!

Yes, the premise was a little hokie but I enjoyed it!  This was an easy read, yet the writing was not overly simple.  I liked Allison, the unlucky professor and docent who found her colleague murdered in the study of the house.  When she learns she too can see ghosts, she has no choice but to help hunky Tyler solve this mystery.  Tyler arrives hours after the grizzly discovery and along with his Krewe of hunters, sets up several devices in the house to track the paranormal activity, taking great care of course not to disturb the historical items.  With his team, he sets out to uncover whether the inhabitants of the house during the Revolutionary War really are haunting this house, and killing those who visit.  The romance between Allison and Tyler was hardly to the level of a ‘romance’ novel, and was perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It was tasteful and just what I expected from a fiction novel.  What drew me to this story was the focus on the patriotism present during the birth of our nation that was integrated into the plot with care.  The cast of characters were realistic, and the conversations between was normal.  Nothing was overdone.

Thanks to my sister Marissa for indulging me with this book.  What a pleasant surprise!  Those taken with the Revolutionary War era would appreciate this epic story, and anyone looking for a paranormal mystery would enjoy this just as I did.


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