Don’t Underestimate “The Orphan Master’s Son”

th“The Orphan Master’s Son” was something I only picked up because it made its way onto several best book lists and received amazing reviews online. But I was left wondering what other readers found so terrific because the story was scattered and hard to follow.  The writing was alright but somehow never really drew me in.  Basically, the main character, Pak Jun Do, falls into a life of crime where he is kidnapping people for money.  But he didn’t have enough of a personality for me to care what happened to him.  I will admit I might have been a bit hard on him since I couldn’t understand his complacent attitude and dutiful acceptance of the life pushed on him by his father, the orphan master.  I wasn’t interested enough to continue reading.

Have you read a book on a ‘best book list’ only to be disappointed?  Tell me which book!


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