A Deadly “Transfer of Power” Overtakes The White House

th-1The unbelievable situation of the White House being taken over by terrorists in “Transfer of Power” suddenly becomes, well, believable. Flynn created an entire city of people all of whom are intricately involved with the hostage situation. There is just enough background for each character to make them a round and engaging person without weighing down the story. There was plenty of action to please everyone. The reactions of the American people to the hostages and terrorists, the Vice-President’s hesitation in making the wrong decision, and the FBI and Secret Service’s strategic ideas for breaching the White House collide beautifully as the intensity of the situation rises.

The hero of the story is Rapp, the quintessential military operative who has no identity and has committed his life to taking town error. His goal is to break into the White House and identify a plausible strategy for saving the more than one hundred hostages. One hostage the novel focused on was Anna Riley, a reporter who has only been assigned to the White House for a few hours before she is thrust into the cafeteria with the other hostages. Riley and Rupp’s paths cross in the midst of Rapp prowling around the residence. One thing that disappointed me was that the president wasn’t more of a focal point. Although there really wasn’t much opportunity for him to he when he is hidden in the bunker in the basement. The coolness of the conversations between all the politicos was a bit too realistic, and not exactly the highlight of the book for me. But the terrorists drilling through the bunker provided a suspenseful situation, and I was genuinely intrigued as to how the novel would end. With so much build up, I anticipated a slightly longer climax, but was still pleased with the culmination of events.
I am fully impressed with the dedication Flynn gave to this book. The clean writing and detailed plot that encompassed so many different aspects of Washington D.C was absolutely realistic. This is a light read that would appeal to anyone wanting an inside look into our government during a tense situation.

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