“The Trial Of Fallen Angels” Ends In A Hung Jury

Initially I thought the idea of a lawyer defending souls in heaven was fantastic.  The author presented a spiritual counterpart to a legal theme that was unique and creative.  Recently deceased, attorney Brek is asked to use her legal skills as a lawyer in the trial that each soul receives to determine where they will be sent after death.  Her first case was to defend a man for cheating on his wife.  And this is where the book failed me.  I thought the author’s too literal biblical interpretation of actions that could send a soul to hell was ridiculous and slightly offensive.  I couldn’t continue reading a book that advanced the proposition that all sins carry the same weight.  I think the point of the story was to cherish life, but the rigid religious outlook was hardly the mechanism to impart that theme.  I can’t think of anyone who would enjoy this.

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