“The Komnandant’s Girl” Is Hiding In Plain Site

th-1I have to admit I was hoping that “The Komnandant’s Girl” would be a more serious book.  Something more in the vein of “The Lost Wife” or “Sarah’s Key.”  Instead, this was a light, and rather generic approach to Anna, a Jewish woman, pretending to be German and living openly as the Kommandant’s secretary in WWII.  Oddly, the factual background was detailed and superficial at the same time.  Some of the details concerning the political strategy and advancing Nazi army were specific and seemingly accurate.  But this was contrasted by the brief descriptions of the Jewish ghetto, which did not even remotely evoke the horrific living conditions that existed.  The writing was so simplistic that I was surprised that the author was a lawyer, since the writing lacked any hint of sophistication.  I also thought Anna’s repulsion of the Catholic faith was a little overdone (she recoils at the sight of a cross necklace and can’t stand the idea of attending mass).  Really?  With all the things people did to survive during the war, this seemed ridiculous.  I was too disappointed with this book to continue reading it or to recommend it.

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