“Farewell, Dorothy Parker” And Hello “Twenties Girl” Redux

th“Farewell, Dorothy Parker” was a lesser version of Sophie Kinsella’s “Twenties Girl”.  Since I enjoyed “Twenties Girl” and because I have an affinity for anything old Hollywood, this looked like the perfect book for me.  Through her column critiquing movies, Violet channels the classic wit of famed outspoken journalist Dorothy Parker.  One day, Violet’s shy and introverted demeanor prompts Dorothy Parker to materialize to encourage her to be more sharp-witted in real life as she is in her columns where she channels Dorothy’s classic wit.  I was a little disappointed that Dorothy Parker made limited appearances which were not as exciting as I expected.   Violet’s life is filed with tragedy, bringing a dramatic element to what appeared to be a comedic book.  Violet’s inability to speak her mind during a dependency hearing for her niece causes Violet to lose the opportunity to provide for her niece.  I found it hard to identify with Violet because she was so shy that she was practically catatonic and almost afraid to communicate with others.  While Dorothy had an overall positive impact on Violet’s life, I had hoped to hear more from Dorothy regarding old Hollywood.  There was nothing wrong with the writing, but the heroine was annoying and the plot was thin and depressing.  I wish I had skipped this one.

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