Teach “The Piano Teacher” A Lesson

th-1Love in both the 1940’s and the 1950’s are the foundation for the adventures of two different women in “The Piano Teacher.” English piano teacher Claire attempts to assimilate to life in Hong Kong in the 1950’s while she struggles with a loveless marriage. Her story is juxtaposed with Trudy, a Eurasian socialite of the 1940’s who doesn’t fit into any social circle. Both women find love in an unexpected place, and to enjoy this novel, you really have to fall in love with these love stories too. Unfortunately I didn’t. I never connected with Trudy or her subplot. I liked Claire, but 100 pages in, the only thing I found interesting about her story was that she had become a kleptomaniac. That wasn’t enough to keep me wanting to read this novel. The writing was good but it never allowed the character’s personalities to emerge. I was ultimately disappointed.

Have you tried this novel? What did you think?


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