“Broken Harbor” Combines Dublin, Murder, Cameras, and Holes

th“Broken Harbor” was another display of Tana French’s excellent writing as she crafts an intricate crime drama among the intelligent detectives in Dublin.  But she also has an extremely dense manner of writing, and it takes great effort to read her novels.  What was missing for me in this fourth installment of the Dublin Murder Squad series were characters I cared about.  Detective Michael Kennedy was sort of a bland character who didn’t really have much personality.  The only surviving victim of a family homicide, is the mother, Jennifer, who is in the hospital for more than half of the book which eliminated any real connection between the reader and the victims.  This felt like an actual crime by the way French describes everything from the crime scene to the family background to the work conducted by the murder squad in their efforts to find the killer.  But unlike “Into The Woods,” which I thought was great the entire time I was reading it, the story here lagged.  Honestly, she needs to tone it down a bit.  At 200 pages and only halfway through the novel, the only thing that was remotely interesting to me were the cameras aimed at mysterious holes in the family home.  I was not content with the slow pace, and of all French’s novels, I was most disappointed with this one.


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