“The Ashford Affair” Proves Sex Scandals Happened Well Before Paris Hilton

th“The Ashford affair” was a very well written book with a solid plot.  Addie was an enjoyable character to follow because her stubbornness is juxtaposed with an insecurity, making her seem like someone we all know.  The book was very romantic with Addie and her friend/sister Bea seeking love and making scandalous choices as they follow their hearts.  The big surprise finish was both satisfying and unsatisfying at the same time.  It wasn’t that shocking, but there was a delicious twist that displayed true friendship.
I wanted to see more of the scandals!  There are affairs a plenty in this novel, but by telling everything as a flashback the author fails to capitalize on the passion between the characters.  This was an aspect of the novel that was lacking for me.  The forbidden relationships among the characters were summarized too quickly in a page or two, rather than allowing the reader to travel with the character through the scandal.  I thought this decision was a superficial way to discuss the affairs at the heart of a novel with the word affair in the title!  The novel was divided into two segments, one in the past where Addie’s love is the focus, and in the present where Addie’s deteriorating health has prompted her granddaughter to dig into Addie’s past.  The portion of the novel focusing on the present was just okay, mostly because the plot was predictable.
This was a three star book for me because the plot and characters were enjoyable enough to journey to the end of the story, but I wasn’t so taken with the book to emphatically recommend it to anyone.

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