Is This Life Better Than “The Other Life”

th“The Other Life” examines the questions everyone asks themselves: What would my life be like if I had made a different choice in the past? Quinn always knew there was a way to move from the life she has into an alternate life. But Quinn has never been tempted to do this until she learns that the baby she is carrying hasn’t developed properly and might not survive. Her desire to know what life could be like for her on the other side surprises even herself, and soon she begins escaping to her other life regularly. Leaving behind her young son and bland husband, she dives into a life where she is dating the entertainment guru boyfriend she dumped, and speaking to her mother who committed suicide. Suddenly, its hard for Quinn to decide in which life she really belongs.

What I liked about this journey was that Quinn kept traveling back and forth between her lives in real time. When she is in the other life, she is very aware of her obligations, for example she makes an abrubt exit so that she can pick up her kid from school. Switching between her lives and between men heightens her inner conflict, and makes her choice of which life to remain in harder and more interesting. Honestly, the men in both lives were not worthy of her, and her choices in that respect were awful. That element didn’t make either life so much better than the other, and it almost seemed that Quinn would be unhappily married in both lives. Ultimately, I think the author strives to present the idea that life isn’t perfect, and not even choosing a different path can change that. Meister allows Quinn to realize that life presents difficult situations, and then gives Quinn the strength to get through it.

The story was filled with internal struggles of the heroine, which I appreciated. It really made me think about the lives we lead and how easily a person can take a different path.


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