Sorry Folks, “Palisades Park” Is Closed For Repairs

thMy feelings about “Palisades Park” could best be compared with the way Clark Griswold feels when he reaches Wally World and punches the moose in the face.  Despite the alluring cover art, the choppy writing and multitude of characters in “Palisades Park” wasn’t for me.  Although the story’s heroine is Toni, the book didn’t begin to focus on her life until 70 pages into the novel.  The entire beginning of the novel was already slow, but then it seemed pointless as well.  For example, the meeting of her parents received a lot of attention early on even though it didn’t appear to be crucial to Toni’s story. This book was a smattering of too many characters and plot directions, none of which worked.  The major world events included in the novel really didn’t seem to serve much of a point.  This novel was all over the place, and was one I wish I had skipped.


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