Who Is The Killer “Whistling In The Dark”?

th“Whistling In The Dark” follows two young sisters as they try to avoid a killer preying on young girls in their neighborhood.  When their mother is in the hospital, they are suddenly left to take care of themselves since their alcoholic step-father is too busy at the bars.  What I found charming about Sally, the middle sister who narrates the novel, was that she incorrectly used phrases and words she heard grown ups use.  For example, she refers to other kids as pagans, but has no idea what the true meaning of the word is.  Sally’s fierce desire to protect her and her sister is the heart of the book.  The simplistic writing made for an easy read, and the author’s style of writing by mixing background stories with the present narration flowed very well.  Yet, the story was only mildly entertaining and was not a well told mystery like “The Last Child.”  I felt a surge of annoyance at the end when the killer was revealed to be a character who was hardly in the book.  (For a minute I remembered the same frustration I felt when I would watch “Murder, She Wrote”.)Despite the humorous narration, the story was only okay.  Overall, this was not one of my favorites.


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