Fear It, My Dear “Sister”

thWilliam Shakespeare’s words, “fear it, my dear sister”, were never more true than in “Sister”.  This was a book I could not put down!  The voice of the narrator, Beatrice, was magnetic, which made the mysterious death of her sister, Tess, extremely compelling.  This honest narration, along with the strong and face paced writing, made this an excellent murder mystery.  Honestly, I almost didn’t read this book because the plot just didn’t sound that intriguing, and the description also seemed to give away huge pieces of the story, which I thought was odd.  I am so glad I did!  The novel focused on Beatrice’s quest to uncover why Tess killed herself.  Tess’s death was revealed quickly, which left plenty of time for Beatrice to uncover things about her sister that she never knew.

Beatrice’s sleuthing was so natural that all of her interactions with Tess’s friends seemed totally normal.  The story was told as if Beatrice was writing a letter to her sister, and this perspective really made the story personal.  Beatrice’s love for Tess resonates throughout the pages, along with her anguish at her sister’s death.  There are some intricate red herrings and plot twists that Beatrice waded through to find the true killer.  The layers of the novel were revealed as the story progressed and culminated in a great ending.  Aside from the strong writing, Beatrice and Tess were both very likable characters.  I cared what happened to them and wanted to see how the story would end.  When I finished the book, I wanted to reread the conversations Beatrice had with the killer to see what I had missed the first time.

So far, this was the best book I read this year.  I stayed up late to finish it – a definite sign of a good book!  I would recommend it to those who enjoy a good mystery and great writing.


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