Fall In Love “From Knotting Hill to New York…Actually”

th-1“From Knotting Hill to New York…Actually” was the perfect sequel to “From Knotting Hill to Love…Actually.”  Once again I enjoyed following Scarlett as she thrusts herself heart first into a new city by meeting all sorts of new characters.  Scarlett is just such a likable character that I can’t help but get swept up in her madness.  When her boyfriend, Sean, challenges Scarlett’s business idea, she doesn’t back off it, instead she sets out to prove herself.  Scarlett seems like an everywomen- embodying a little something of young women everywhere.  She isn’t whinny or overly girly like so many heroines in chic lit (“Farewell, Dorothy Parker” is an excellent example).  Instead, she is a determined woman who is self-confident and easy to identify with.

Her escapades in New York were even better than in the first book.  There were plenty of plot twists to keep the novel interesting.  This would have been a perfect book to read on the way to New York because Oscar and Scarlett really brave everything the city has to offer.  Scarlett’s love of movies  was still present in this book, although to a smaller degree.  Although Sean is Scarlett’s boyfriend, a Jamie rivals him for Scarlett’s attention.  There were several different events happening in the story that all merged beautifully at the end.  The good writing and likeable characters showcased New York wonderfully.  I especially liked the authors inclusion of Bradley Cooper as a character.

This wasn’t a laugh out loud sort of book, but it was light and enjoyable.  It was perfect for summer reading!


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