Deconstructing “Reconstructing Amelia”

th“Reconstructing Amelia” follows Amelia’s mother, Kate, as she investigates why her daughter apparently jumped off the school roof.  Kate is positive Amelia didn’t commit suicide, and her initial reaction is confirmed when she gets a text that Amelia didn’t jump.  I hoped this would be another fantastic story like “Sister,” but it was not even close.  A third of the way into “Reconstructing Amelia” I actually checked to see if this book was categorized as a Young Adult book and I had checked it out by mistake.  The life of fifteen year old Amelia was so juvenile that not even sexts, a secret society, or romantic encounters made this feel like the adult mystery it claimed to be.  The writing was very simple, and the petty and overly self-conscious teenagers had problems that were too caddy for an adult to enjoy.  I stopped reading this but had to flip to the back of the book to see how it ended, which was also disappointing.


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