Foxy Knoxy Has Been “Waiting To Be Heard”

thSince the brutal death of British exchange student Meredith Kercher in 2007, a spotlight has been on the small Italian town of Perugia.  In “Waiting To Be Heard,” Meredith’s roommate and murder suspect, Amanda Knox, finally has an opportunity to speak out about being accused as having a role in Meredith’s murder.  This is the second book I read about Amanda’s role, the first being “The Fatal Gift Of Beauty” which I previously blogged about.  I still don’t believe Amanda is guilty, but I’m not the only one who recognizes her inappropriate behavior is beyond just being extremely socially awkward (even a glance at the cover reveals a coolness behind her eyes).  Amanda’s bizarre behavior first caused the police to consider her a suspect, and continues to raise suspicion about whether she is truly innocent.  Of course everyone deals with grief in their own way, but not everyone makes out with their boyfriend only a few feet away from the corpse of their alleged friend, seems to enjoy purchasing red underwear a few hours later, or does the splits in the police station after being questioned.  When putting on protective booties to walk through the crime scene after Meredith’s body is found, Amanda happily says “ta-da” to show the police she is ready to proceed.  And she almost forgets not to smile for her mug shot when she is arrested.  This behavior makes one wonder if Amanda is a Sociopath or just mildly retarded.

Then there is the “confession” where Amanda states she “confusedly” might remember being at the house and hearing Meredith scream while being murdered.  Later, Amanda is not sure whether she made this up, but thinks she did.  I can’t understand why anyone would ever confess to something they didn’t do, and it seems even more unlikely that someone could be confused about whether or not they participated in a murder.  As far as the structure of this book, the words seem to be coming straight from Amanda.  It reads as a true autobiography and doesn’t hold anything back.  However, Amanda’s description of her perfect relationship with Meredith seemed a little too self-serving.  What makes this book so appealing is that only Amanda can tell her own story.  Although much is said about her, only she knows how she felt during the trial and her imprisonment, and I appreciated reading her perspective on the events.
If you have been following this murder case like I have, this is a must read!

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