“Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Single” Debunks The Joys Of Singledom

th“Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Single” is a wry take on chic lit that I really enjoyed.  She braves blind dating in search of happily ever after, but each blind date is more disappointing than the last one.  Just as Jennifer is about to give up on men forever and leave the country, she meets Brad, whose family owns the department store she works in.  Brad seems to love Jennifer’s wacky personality, and she is soon the envy of her co-workers.

Jennifer Johnson seems like such a normal person that her escapades were easy to identify with.  I loved that her guilty pleasure was sneak eating Cinnabons!  In true chic lit fashion, each of Jennifer’s little white lies manages to take on a life of their own.  When Jennifer lights a fire in her apartment to burn everything her ex-boyfriend gave her, she lights the building on fire and the firefighters suspect arson!  I was surprised that the ending wasn’t particularly uplifting, but it made sense given that the author followed this novel up with, “Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Married.”

This light read was wildly entertaining.  I can’t wait to read the sequel!


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