“Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns”. That’s All.

thI couldn’t wait to read “Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns”, the sequel to “The Devil Wears Prada.”  I loved the book and movie version of “Devil”, where the actors infused life and spunk into Weisberger’s characters.  While reading “Revenge”, I could hear Emily Blunt’s voice in all of Emily’s wry comments, and Anne Hathaway’s guarded outlook reminded me why I liked Andy so much.  But despite the great characters who had their individual voices, this second book didn’t have the same excitement as “Devil”, and ultimately this was its undoing.  I liked that Emily and Andy had become friends a year after Andy walked out of Runway, and were business partners at a magazine they started together.  Much of the plot revolved around Andy questioning the fidelity of her new husband, who was one of New York’s wealthiest men from a family with old money.  But 150 pages into the book there just wasn’t much happening.  I can’t believe I made it to 250 pages, and even then the only excitement was Andy was pondering whether to accept Miranda’s offer to buy her magazine, and her relationship was compounded by the fact that she was pregnant.  But these events were so slow to develop, that I just lost interest.  I think what made this sequel so appealing were the characters, but they needed the same exciting plot that made “Devil” so popular.  This book might have been the biggest disappointment for me this year.


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