Evil Lurks Within The “Temple Of A Thousand Faces”

th-1I was excited to journey through a new land in “Temple Of A Thousand Faces”. What came across so well were the descriptions of the sights and sounds of the land. The birds calling in the distance and the monkeys leaping through the trees provided the perfect setting for the warring chaos occurring around them. The novel followed characters in three separate struggles: first, the son of the former king who seeks to regain control of his family’s empire, second, a family struggling to survive and convince one son not to avenge the dead by killing the invaders on his own, and lastly, a woman captured on her wedding day and forced to marry a soldier of the enemy troops. For such an interesting premise, I was disappointed with the mechanical way the writing portrayed the characters and plot. The story telling was too focused on the character’s actions, rather than creating a story where emotion moved the characters. The book is categorized as adult fiction, but the simplistic writing and overt descriptions gave this a young adult feel. All of the characters’ emotions and thoughts were explained so thoroughly that the author left little to the imagination. The writing was great, but there were too many instances where the author should have quite while he was ahead. For example, when a character can’t kill a young animal in the woods because it symbolizes his own deceased children, the result is emotional. But a few paragraphs later, when he unnecessarily explains this inability to another character it diminished the impact of the symbolism. I couldn’t get past this. There was nothing wrong with this book, but I felt the writing was aimed at a much younger audience, and for that reason, I stopped reading it.


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