Not Even One Summer Will Rival “A Hundred Summers”

th“A Hundred Summers” was the most spectacular and complex love story I’ve read this year.  Lily finds herself spending the summer in the small town of Seaview with her former best friend Budgie, and Budgie’s husband Nick (who was also Lily’s former fiancé).  The story flashes back and forth between these three in the present 1938, and the past 1932.  Both stories blended well and revealed the history of Budgie and Lily’s friendship at perfect moments.  This is one of those rare books that combined the relationships between friends and family, while examining the bonds of friendship and duty effortlessly.

I was enthralled with the writing from the first chapter.  I couldn’t put this book down and almost read it in one day.  The setting was fantastic on its own, but it really came alive through the natural, but descriptive writing.  The conversations between the characters were easy and believable.  I loved that the novel was set in the thirties, but the time frame was also an important element to the story.  Not only was the lack of technology a crucial factor in keeping lovers together and apart, but the social elements play a large role on the characters’ decisions.  I thought some of the plots were a little predictable, until I reached the end of the novel and was taken by surprise with the layers of scandal that provided excellent plot twists.  I was content with the ending of this novel because every storyline is completed and everyone got what they deserved.

This was a powerful book for summer!  Not since “The Last Letter From Your Lover” has a love story swept me off my feet.  I’m so glad I read this!


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