The Book I Can’t Stop Talking About Is…

We are halfway through 2013 and I’m interested in learning the identity of the best book you read in the past six months.  From my blog, you’ve probably gathered that the book that had the most impact on me so far this year was “Helter Skelter.”  I actually couldn’t sleep while I was reading it because it was so disturbing, yet somehow addicting.  I was absolutely impressed with Vincent Bugliosi as an attorney and as a writer for synthesizing so much information in a readable format.  It was gruesome, but if you are looking for a hypnotic book on every level, pick this up.  I can’t stop talking about it!
I can’t wait to read the books that impacted you!  I’m really looking forward to your suggestions!

2 thoughts on “The Book I Can’t Stop Talking About Is…

  1. You do know that Sharon’s family lived down the street from your mom when she was killed……can’t decide if I could read it…it was so close . Need more info for you, how gruesome?


    • Probably not for you then. There were blunt descriptions from the killers about their blatant disregard for her life. And yes I did know! My mom lost the homecoming queen competition to Sharon’s sister who wore hot pants.


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