“The Lawyer’s Lawyer” Has A Fool For A Client

thI was a little creeped out when the book I picked up after reading about Ted Bundy, “The Lawyer’s Lawyer”, started off with a Ted Bundy type killer attempting to kidnap a woman using the old broken leg routine, albeit a failed one.  The premise is that a lawyer is asked to defend a killer with Ted characteristics (charming law student accused of multiple murders in Utah), but the writing was too simple and full of fluff for my taste.  I hoped this would be similar to a Grisham book, but this was a mindless novel that was far from a legal thriller.  The slow plot was further hindered by too many clichés!  Detective Dani has the quintessential unsupportive ex husband, darling little girl, and is underestimated at work because she is a woman.  At one point, a character actually said he would “throw the book” at a suspect.  This was just too ridiculous to be enjoyable.


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