Life Interpreted Through “The Language Of Flowers”

th“The Language Of Flowers” had a sort of odd premise: a girl raised in the foster system finally ages out if it and is obsessed by flowers.  Because this never seemed like it could be the basis for an interesting story, I’ve picked up, and quickly put down, this books for years.  I liked Victoria for her stubbornness, but not necessarily for her careless approach at life.  Constantly beaten and emotionally abused in more than 30 homes, she has given up believing in the kindness of people.  But, there was something interesting about the story, which was divided in two parts, one focusing on Victoria’s relationship with a foster mom in the past, and now her struggle to maintain a normal life on her own in the present.

Victoria was forced to forge relationships to stay alive outside of the system, and this was challenging for her in various ways.  I liked that she managed to succeed through her interest in flowers, which offered such a new perspective on something so common.  Honestly, the storyline was dark, and the characters all sort of wallow in their own  despair.  Yet, somehow, this book was both captivating and uplifting.  It was impossible not to feel sympathy for each of character as the reader watches them suffer through their own tragedy.  The hope in each of the characters kept the novel interesting.  The end was uplifting and tied both parts of the book together really well.  I enjoyed the book, and was impressed with the author’s ability to make both the foster system and flowers interesting.  The writing was very strong and the characters were multi-dimensional.

In the end, the great writing and unique plot made this a good read for me.  This was a good book I wish I had read sooner.


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