When “The Best Day Of Someone Else’s Life” Is The Worst

th“The Best Day Of Someone Else’s Life” is an excellent book for people who are already married or who are currently living in bridesmaid hell. The book easily captured the torture of having to shell out mass amounts of money for clothing and shoes picked by others, which was very similar to the plot in “27 Dresses.” I liked Kevin, née Vi’s, sense of humor, which was the best aspect of the book. I connected with her as she explained how when she is on a plane she is transfixed to her book and doesn’t want to talk to anyone (my husband understands this perfectly), or how her family buys presents for themselves, then wraps them up and assigns then to be from various family members (just like my family). The writing and Vi’s character were great, but the wedding hell she lived became a too negative to make the book enjoyable. There were just too many weddings packed into this book, and by the time I reached the part two where Vi was to attend 14 weddings in 12 months, I couldn’t read about it anymore! The white taffeta bridal dresses just swallowed up Vi and everything positive happening with her quest to find true love.


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