Freezing With “The Last Winter of Dani Lancing”

thI was thrilled to win an advanced copy of “The Last Winter of Dani Lancing” from Goodreads.  I loved the title and the cover art, and this is about where my love for the book ended.   The book was described as “told in fractured time, with a breathless pace and masterful plotting”, and I have to say that the only part of that description I agree with is the word “fractured.”  Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of nonlinear books told from the perspectives of multiple characters anyway, but here the author also bounced back and forth between different times.  The result was that it took immense effort to comprehend the story.  I was also creeped out by Jim being actually haunted by a younger version of his dead daughter Dani.  At one point, he is sitting on the toilet doing a Sudoku puzzle and calls out to Dani that he doesn’t have a pen, and she reminds him there is one under the bathroom sink.  That was gross and weird.   This book was an example of forced overwriting.  The plot was slow to develop amidst the mountain of flurry happening in the pages.  I was disappointed that the characters didn’t really present themselves beyond their actions and oddly recalled memories.  The ending was not worthy of the effort to read the novel.  This was not a favorite.


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