Banished To The “Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls”

thFrom the first few pages of “Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls”, the author tempted me with a secret.  Theodora, or Thea, was sent away from her family home and orange orchard in Florida to live at the riding camp because she did something terrible.  I think the author really tried to tackle a difficult topic of a girl being sent away because of her sexual escapades with a boy prior to marriage.  But that situation seemed so ridiculous given the modern approach to dating that exists in 2013 that it was hard to give that scandal the level of drama the author expected.  Thea made friends easily with the other wealthy girls who shared her cabin and her passion for horses at the riding camp, but despite a few smart encounters and good writing, the book could best be described with a single word: eh.  The young protagonist had the spirit to make this an excellent book, but those elements were not enough to carry the slow and choppy storyline.  The riding and the girls in the school lacked the magic to make me want to continue reading, or riding.


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