Begging Her To Please “Come Back”

th“Come Back” was the first memoir I read concerning drug abuse and resulting therapy.  I normally wouldn’t have gravitated toward this genre, but the honesty with which Claire wrote of her daughter Mia’s decent into the madness of being an addict was so unlike anything else I had read that I was intrigued.  The book was comprised of Claire’s story of trying to rescue and heal Mia, who wanted nothing more than to live on the streets as a junkie, and Mia’s story of the anger and hurt that made her want to push everyone away.  These two perspectives merged together very well in a heartbreaking story.

I felt so sorry for Claire from the very onset.  Her love for her daughter was really tested as she attempted to save Mia even though Mia didn’t want to be saved.  After Mia ran away and was miraculously found days later, Mia declared she wanted to leave her home again.  Claire was so determined to help Mia that she begrudgingly drove Mia to the bus station just to ensure that Mia would get on the bus safely.  The only words Mia left with her mother were, ‘I promise I will call you if you don’t try to find me.’  Later on, it was apparent that Mia needed professional help, and that living on her own had only made the situation worse.  Mia was taken to a facility in the Czech Republic where she received intense therapy.  The second part of the book discussed in detail the therapy that Mia and Claire both go through to fully understand the issues in their lives and regain the happiness they once had.  The therapy strategies and tactics were really interesting, and I doubt anyone could read this book without doing a little self-analysis as well.

For some reason, this book was a slow read for me.  I haven’t stopped talking about this story since reading it, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a truthful picture of drug addiction and therapy.


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