Sleuthing Made Easy In “If You Were Here”

thI picked up “If You Were Here” after learning the book was endorsed by Gillian Flynn, but this was nowhere near the level of suspense that “Gone Girl” provided. When journalist McKenna sees footage of a woman saving a man by pulling him from the subway tracks she is convinced the woman was her roommate who disappeared ten years ago. There were several aspects of McKenna’s life that seemed to converge due to the sighting (a controversial article she wrote, being framed, being fired, and issues with her husband). While reading this I was constantly questioning whether I should stop. Every few chapters there was a glimmer of the twist I was waiting for, but nothing that exciting was developing. One really good twist was provided far too late in the book and wasn’t enough for me to continue on. I stopped reading this because I couldn’t take how easily McKenna was obtaining information. It just seems too implausible that an ordinary person suddenly has the connections and ability to discover what the police cannot, which was happening too frequently in this story. What pushed me over the edge was when McKenna was able to obtain video footage from a random business. I don’t think so.

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