A Star Reporter Can “Spin” Rehab Into Gold

th“Spin” followed Kate as she entered rehab to covertly track celebrity Amber.  When Kate arrived at an interview for a gossip magazine hung over, she naturally, did not get the job.  But a few days later, when Amber entered rehab, the magazine offered Kate an opportunity to enter rehab herself and write about Amber from the inside.  I really enjoyed Kate as a character and found her inner thoughts really funny.  At one point, Kate was given a test to determine whether she was an alcoholic, and her responses were very witty.   She was the best part of the book, and without her likable personality, I probably wouldn’t have finished it.  After reading “Come Back”, the therapy sessions in this book seemed so superficial that it was hard to take it seriously, even for chic lit.  These sessions were pretty boring, and Amber’s antics were too ridiculous to be funny.  The novel ended in ways that were both predictable and unpredictable, and I was content with it.  The writing was fine, but the story was just too long.  There were so many events that could have been combined to make the story more succinct.  This was an ok book for me, although I probably would not pick up another book by this author.


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