Join “The Exiles” In Newport

th“The Exiles” followed Nathan and Emily as they fled from the crushing high-priced lifestyle required in New York City to purchase a house in Newport.  But only minutes after they arrived, they find themselves the victim of a theft which leaves them penniless.  As they suffer through the holiday weekend, the secrets each of them have been harboring slowly rise to the surface.  The beginning of the book was pretty good, and I was sympathetic to the couple who just don’t happen to be financially successful.  The writing was good, but the story slowed once it spilt between the perspectives of Nathan and Emily.  Nathan’s secret was depressing and sad, and not a subject I care to read about.  This plot alone made me want to stop reading.  Also, in the three days Nathan spent in Newport, he obtained a mountain of information very easily.  Emily’s secret was fantastic, but it developed too slowly.  This book had a good start, but by the middle there wasn’t much of a flow, and I stopped reading it.


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