The Perils Of “Love With A Chance Of Drowning”

thThe cover of “Love With A Chance Of Drowning” caught my eye, but the truthful memoir of Torre DeRoche made this book very enjoyable.  Torre was an Australian living in the United States when she met Ivan at a bar.  They began dating, but when Ivan told Torre that he planned to sail in a small boat to various ports for a year, she had to decide whether she would accompany him and continue their relationship, or break up.  Even though she was terrified of the sea, Torre committed to sailing with him and recounted their adventure on the high seas in this memoir.

This was a book that got better with each chapter because the story kept evolving and focusing on different aspects of the journey.  The number of things that went wrong for these newly dating people was almost unbelievable, but gave Torre plenty of funny stories to retell.  I was amazed with Ivan’s clumsiness and ability to injure himself in record time.  Obviously, the story was heavily focused on navigation, ships, and all things nautical.  Even though I don’t know much about sailing, Torre presented all the information in a way that was easy for me to understand without sacrificing good writing.  The narration had such an easy flow to it that I felt like Torre was sitting next to me and telling her story just to me.  I liked her and Ivan from the beginning of the book, and even more so as they battled storms, fish, batteries, and inevitably each other.  The book appeared truthful because Torre seemed pretty  honest with her emotions, and unease with the sea.  I still can’t believe how long she lasted on that little boat!

This was a great story and a light read.  I was happy with my purchase, and immediately passed this book on!


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