“Close My Eyes” And I’ll Miss You

thI was impressed with “Close My Eyes”, which can only be described as an excellent thriller!  The premise was simple, eight years ago, Gen’s baby was delivered stillborn, but a when a woman arrives at Gen’s doorstep and tells her that her baby was alive and part of a conspiracy, Gen’s world begins to crumble.  What follows after that bombshell is a suspenseful journey through lies and deception.  Suddenly it seems that Gen’s husband might have participated in giving away their baby.  With each chapter, Gen is less certain of the truth and whom to trust, and this uncertainty made the book a great mystery.

The strong characters were what made the story as believable as possible.  The fast pace of the writing and the plot kept me glued to the pages.  There was a certain whine to Gen’s soliloquy, but I was definitely engaged with the story.  The plot was advanced nicely by the characters, mainly because the dialogue and character interactions were strong and pertinent.  The author laid out so many clues that it kept me constantly guessing as to which way the plot was going.  It was so nice to be curious about what would happen next, rather than plodding along with a predictable plot.  I loved that the setting for the book was in London and the surrounding English countryside because it gave the novel an idyllic setting for the utter chaos that ensued.  There was nothing predictable about this book, and the twisted ending was really creepy.

“Close My Eyes” was a delicious “brain candy” novel.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in a suspenseful mystery.


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