Chasing “After Her”

th“After Her” was my first Joyce Maynard book, and while the writing and strong voice of the narrator were impressive, the story was not.  This was very much like “Whistling In The Dark” where the book focused on a young girl’s life amidst a serial killer.  Told from the perspective of Rachel, the book follows her through typical adolescent issues such as a first boyfriend and befriending the cool girls in school.  It soon became clear that this novel was really a coming of age tale about Rachel, and not a murder mystery.  Rachel’s sister, Patty was a character I liked and wished she had been given her own narration.  I was disappointed that the novel was so character heavy.  The characters were driving the story with what they think and feel, but this made the story as a whole suffer.  As far as the character development, this book is five stars.  However, I would give only two stars to the plot because it was slow, and the ending came out of nowhere.  What really tipped my opinion here was that there wasn’t a happy ending for many of the characters.


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