“An Invisible Thread” Connects Me To…

th“An Invisible Thread” was such a gem! Laurie and Maurice met on a New York street when he asked her for some spare change. Like everyone else, Laurie walked by him, but a few steps later she was compelled to turn around. Rather than give him change, she offered to buy Maurice a meal. So began the relationship between an advertising executive in her thirties and a nearly homeless eleven year old boy. They met every Monday to share a meal, and forged a lasting friendship. This autobiography followed their relationship, but also provided a background for both Laurie and Maurice, which revealed the challenging up bringing that they both endured. Maurice was a child in search of a mother, and Laurie sought a child. Miraculously, they found what they were missing in each other.

After Laurie described her own chaotic childhood it was understandable why she wanted to be a positive and stable influence in the life of a young person. The way Laurie treated Maurice was really admirable, but some of her actions were disappointing.  There were several major instances when she let Maurice down and all but pushed him out of her life. Maurice’s story was very gritty and a few times, it was painfully clear that Maurice had lacked even basic parenting. For example, he didn’t understand the concept of blowing his nose, since no one had ever cared enough about him to help him with hygiene. Until meeting Laurie, Maurice had been given only two Christmas gifts his entire life, one being a joint. Laurie showed Maurice kindness that transformed his life and influenced him to make careful decisions about his future. The story was really a testament to the positive influence one person can make on others. Ultimately, Maurice grows up to be an integral part of society and a caring father- success he attributes to his friendship with Laurie.
This book was very positive and made me reflect on how I treat strangers.  It reinforced to me that each of us can be more powerful than we know. I was so glad I read this.

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