Trying To See Through “The Year Of Fog”

th“The Year Of Fog” began when young Emma disappeared at the beach on a foggy day while in the care of her father’s fiance, Abbey.  The story focused on the search for Emma and also recounted the relationship between Emma’s father Jake and Abbey prior to the disappearance.  With each day that Emma was missing, Abbey’s relationship with Jake disintegrated a little more, and life moved further into the endless sea of searching for Emma- passing out fliers with Emma’s face on them and making pleas for her safe return on TV shows.

I was really immersed in the story the entire time I was reading it.  The writing was excellent, and I immediately looked up what other books Michelle Richmond had written.  I don’t recall hearing very much about this book when it was first published, which I can’t understand given that everything about it was really spectacular.  The characters displayed ranges that made them seem realistic and enjoyable to follow.  Abbey was very strong and determined, which made me like her and sympathize with her struggle.  There were plenty of red herrings to keep the plot interesting and constantly evolving.  The ending was complicated, in a realistic way.  I liked that there were still challenges for several of the characters to face once the story ended.  The characters struggle with how long they should remain hopeful Emma will return, exhibiting what I can only image are the emotions and guilt felt by the unlucky parents of a missing child.  Richmond’s message was not to give up, one that I appreciated and rooted for.

I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about this book!  I highly recommend it.


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