Is There Time To Stop “The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton”?

thAt first glance, “The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton” is a novel where a young lawyer attempts to stay the execution of convicted murderer Noa. Through both the legal battle in the present and a murder told in flashbacks, Noa’s life and the path that led her to death row is explained. She is revealed to be a complex women, full of ambitions, insecurities, and good intentions. Noa’s relationships with others and how they will impact her life are the most haunting and unnerving aspect of the book. Every few pages, the author revealed things about each character that changed the landscape of the story and the identity of the killer. I found Noa to be likeable even though she was convicted of murdering a young pregnant woman. Noa’s strong personality was enhanced by the clean writing and the story that unfolded so well.

There were some excellent hints hidden in the early chapters about the ultimate plot twist that I completely missed, which I believe was the intent of the author. There were a few courtroom scenes, but this is not a legal thriller in the way that a Michael Connelly book is. Instead, this book focused more on how lives are interrelated and impact each other. I found myself really interested in what would happen, and each chapter easily paved the way for the next. Every aspect of the novel culminated in a great ending. Of course, saying too much about the plot would ruin this book. There were elements to this book that really made me question the intentions of humanity. Overall, this was a thought provoking, well written crime thriller I really enjoyed!

I was impressed with the story and really satisfied with the ending. This book received so many horrible reviews online that I almost didn’t bother to read it. I was so glad I did!


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