Can “The Wicked Girls” Ever Really Change Their Wicked Ways?

th“The Wicked Girls” focused on Jade and Bel and the murders that surrounded them. The narration went from the past as the murder that Jade and Bel committed as young girls was explained, and to the present where they were women trying to live amidst the chaos of a serial killer. The most interesting part of the book was the flashback because it was a tighter story with a fast paced plot. The extent of the horror of that day became more understandable and relevant as the book progressed. The present lives of Jade and Bel as they attempted to lead normal lives was depressing. I’m not a huge fan of reading about domestic violence, so I was a bit put-off from their situations. Since the majority of the novel focused on the present story, there were many times I almost stopped reading. The setting was in England and there were a lot of phrases that did not translate to an American audience. It didn’t hinder my reading, but it was noticeable. The ending was not worthy of the effort to read the book, and ultimately I was not that impressed with the story as a whole.


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