“I’ll Be Seeing You” – Checking The Mailbox Has Never Been So Exciting!

th“I’ll Be Seeing You” follows the unlikely friendship of two war brides in different states, both worrying about their men in the service overseas.  The book is told through letters, beginning when Glory begrudgingly selects a pen pal at a woman’s group in her town.  She isn’t sure she really wants the pen pal, but before she knows it, she is eagerly awaiting the letters Rita.  The writing was very strong, but the actual voices of the women in the letters wasn’t all that different. At times, I had to remind myself whose letter I was reading.

Glory’s story was my favorite because her struggle to remain faithful to her husband was full of passion.  Rita’s story was complicated with the characters surrounding her, who were all quirky and enjoyable to read about.  Rita struggles with both her husband and son overseas, and is left to deal with the ramifications of her son’s relationship with a young, naïve local girl.  Both Glory and Rita are forced to confront the ideals they hold dear, a process that alters the course of their lives.  Some of the things that happen were pretty ridiculous, and I couldn’t tell if the authors were out of touch, or if they were trying to make the women seem out of touch with the reality of war.  I liked that the women became true best friends, and helped each other through very trying times from afar.  Their friendship gave the book heart, and what made the book as good as it was.  The little details within the story brought a realistic quality to the time frame, which made the novel seem as authentic as possible.

The story was great, and I enjoyed reading it.


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