Following “The October List” To Murder and Kidnapping

th I was lucky enough to win a copy of “The October List” from Goodreads.  I was intrigued by the premises, the Gabrielle’s daughter was kidnapped and she had to negotiate with the kidnapper without any police involvement.  When the kidnapper explained what he wanted from her, she was thrown into one exciting action sequence after another.  Deaver boldly wrote the book in reverse, which left me guessing at what was really happening for most of the novel.  My initial thought was that some aspects of the reverse telling worked, and others didn’t, but when I reached the end and realized the plot twists Deaver created, I was beyond impressed.  This is a book I would read again just to see all the things I missed the first time!

There was plenty of action, but despite the grand finale, what was missing were character descriptions.  So little was being explained about who each of the characters were, that it was hard for me to feel anything toward any of them.  I neither liked nor disliked anyone, until the very end.  The writing was good, but very simple and obviously done with a mass market in mind.  This was a book that I almost read in one sitting because the writing made it was such a quick read.  New York was such a great setting for the story because of the natural chaos the city provides.  I can’t say too much about what happened, but will admit that some of the things bothering me about the plot were explained fully in the last few pages.  The entire book was very clever.

Overall, this was an interesting and exciting book to read, that I will definitely be reading again!


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