Murder Will Out “The Impersonator”

thMurder collided with proper society as “The Impersonator” attempted to swindle the inheritance away from a scheming family by pretending to be their long lost cousin, Jessie.  Leah was struggling as an actress when Oliver approached her and proposed that she impersonate his niece who disappeared several years ago so that she can obtain Jessie’s inheritance, which they will split.  Initially, Leah turned down the proposition because of the obvious potential to be sent to jail.  Later, Leah agreed to pose as Jessie only after her show closes, and she found herself destitute and facing a life in the brothel.  I liked that Leah was basically forced to agree to the impersonation because it showed that she had a conscious, and once this happened, I liked her and actually wanted her to get away with the deception.

Much of the novel focused on Leah trying to convince her relatives that she was Jessie by dodging their traps to reveal that she was an impostor.  The writing was very strong and natural.  The few “oh dears!”, descriptions of the 1920’s fashion, and references to hot political issues of the time made the setting believable, but not overdone.  The plot soon turned into a mystery after Leah convinced herself that Jessie was murdered, and embarked on a quest to find who killed her.  The plot was constantly changing, and little twists kept the story exciting.

This was a charming murder mystery!  I’m glad I took the journey.


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