Do You Dare Spend Halloween In The “House Of Leaves”?

thI didn’t know I would start to go crazy while I read “House Of Leaves”.  When I picked up the book to flip to the last page and see just how lengthy it was, I was immediately struck by the way the book was actually written.  Some pages had a single word in it, others had a rambling mass of nonsensical words.  Some pages had the text written sideways, or upside-down, and other pages were written in other languages.    There were so many layers to the plot that it seemed too real at times.  I followed Johnny’s decent into the surreal as he reads about the famed Navidson haunted house.  With so much madness filling the pages, I wondered if I too would become mad as I read about Navidson’s supernatural experience.

This novel was one of the most creative works I have ever read.  Johnny was a strange character, but he sort of had to be to make this book work.  His story is contained in footnotes to the main story where Johnny comments on the Navidson haunting.  This would not have been my preferred format, but I can’t argue with the content.  As far as the writing, I loved it!  It was fast and spoke right to me!  At one point Johnny directs the reader into seeing the same illusive being that is haunting him, and this worked really well.  The events that take place in Navidson’s house are really eerie, and so creative!  I could go on and on about the many aspects of this book and my only complaint would be that it’s a bit long.

This was perfect, and also horrible, to read on a dark evening alone.  Happy Halloween!


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