Jane Franklin’s Secret “Book Of Ages” Reveals…

thConsidering the title of the book, “The Book of Ages, The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin”, I naively thought that the book would actually focus on Ms. Franklin.  But because there was so little known about Jane, the majority of the book discussed Benjamin Franklin, and the general time in which this brother and sister lived.  I’ve read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, which was so much more interesting than the descriptions of him contained in this book.  The author also included small stories about a host of people who had no relevance at all to Jane’s life for the sole purpose of providing a context for the minimal details concerning Jane.  Of the book, approximately 10-15% of it actually discussed Jane, and most of that only recounted the children she had.  The writing was so dry that reading this was not enjoyable.  The biggest disappointment for me was that Jane’s personality barely emerged.  Not only did she not do anything particularly meaningful in her own life, but she was not influential in the success of anyone else’s life either, at least not in the 100 or so pages of the book I read.  Honestly, I just can’t figure out why this book was written, and was furious that the book claimed to be something it was not.  The only thing that did interest me was the history of the book’s title and the connection to Jane.  The actual scrawl of the words “Book of Ages” on the cover is a replica of Jane’s own hand and title of a small book of papers she bound together, which I thought was neat!  I’m searching my brain to think of someone who would enjoy this book, and I can only imagine it would be the small group of people who need to know absolutely everything about Benjamin Franklin and the time in which he lived.


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