Will Prince Charming Catch “The Runaway Princess”?

th“The Runaway Princess” was a cute tale about what happens when a prince falls in love with a commoner!  Hmmm… sound familiar?  Amy was an average, and somewhat unrefined, single girl living in London when she met Leo.  Amy had no idea he was a prince and eagerly accepted his invitation to redesign his family garden, which turned out to be a royal garden dating back centuries.  They have an instant attraction and start dating.  But dating a prince has its drawbacks, especially when the prince’s younger brother is chased by the paparazzi and his angry girlfriends keep interfering with Amy and Leo’s love life.  The writing was strong, and for chic lit, the characters and their dialogue were good.  The first hundred pages were the best, but the story tapered from there.  The ending (which I can’t decide if I liked) was unexpected because it didn’t feel like the rest of the book supported it.  My biggest issue was Amy.  She wasn’t an engaging character to follow and I became annoyed with her social incompetence.  I kept putting this book down, and it took me weeks to finish reading it.  I have mixed feelings about this one, but ultimately it was not a favorite.


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