Elizabeth Smart’s Resilient Spirit Creates “My Story”

thI’m sure I wasn’t the only one waiting for Elizabeth Smart to publish an account of her harrowing kidnapping in “My Story”.  The book would absolutely satisfy the inquiring minds who watched as her kidnapping, search, and ultimate return unfolded on national television.  Parts of the book were written with a childlike manner that evoked the young woman of fourteen who was kidnapped at knife point, while others portions seemed to be coming from the heart of the older and wiser Elizabeth.  Regardless of the voice used, the writing easily captured Elizabeth’s inspiring story.

Elizabeth was very honest with what happened to her, and confronted all the questions posed to her about why she never tried to escape.  She related how fearful she was that her kidnapper, Mitchell, would kill her and her family if she tried to escape.  When she watched him manipulate a variety of people in different circumstances, including a cop, she was convinced that he was invincible, and that no one would ever believe her over him.  The book contained a good mixture of what happened during those many months of her captivity, and also her childhood.  Her determination to live through her experience and get back to her family allowed her to endure the horrible things that Mitchell did to her.  The story of the glass of water that God sent to Elizabeth in the middle of the night was a true testament to Elizabeth’s strong faith in God.  I was taken with how solid she became in reclaiming her life, and not focusing on the brutal rape and mind control Mitchell exerted over her.  Her message at the end of the book is very clear: be grateful for each day you live, and live each day to the fullest.  Her book was very motivational, and I can only imagine how powerful she would be as a speaker.

I was so impressed with the resilient spirit of Elizabeth Smart and was glad she decided to share her story.  This is an excellent book!


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