Art Theft Is Making This “A Cruise To Die For”

th“A Cruise To Die For” combined several of my favorite things: art, cruising, and Greece!  The Mediterranean seemed like the perfect setting for the art sale attended by dastardly, but wealthy characters aboard a mega yacht – all of whom are suspects in art destruction and forgery.  Alix London is invited to join the cruise to help determine if the art for sale on the yacht has been forged.  Alix’s inner monologues showed her depth and humor, and I liked her early on in the book.  However, the plot was very slow to develop.  I thought the art fraud aspect of the book was good, but it filled less than half of the story.  Mostly, the book was comprised of mundane conversations between the guests on the ship that added little value to the overall plot.  The main problem was that the guests didn’t know each other, and much of the dialogue’s purpose was to provide background information on the other characters to Alix- and that information wasn’t too thrilling.  The ending was a good idea, but there hadn’t been nearly enough build up for it.  Ultimately, the novel was underdeveloped because there wasn’t enough mystery to make the whole story interesting.  Despite the fabulous setting, this was not one of my favorite books.


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