What Are You “Allegiant” To?

thI knew I was excited to read “Allegiant”, the final installment of the “Divergent” series, but I had sort of forgotten why.  I actually had to buy the entire series so that I could re-read the second book, “Insurgent”.  Only a few pages into this trilogy, I instantly recalled the strong characters and bizarre world Roth created that was so impressive.  Yes, I am slightly embarrassed that I’m reading YA fiction, but putting aside the simple writing and puppy love between Tris and Four, its fascinating to imagine a futuristic world where people are divided by how they think and feel.  Included with the books came a quiz to help readers determine which faction they would belong to, and it should be no surprise that my traits determined I would belong to Erudite (the analyzers and thinkers).

Despite my excitement to read “Allegiant”, it has taken me weeks to reflect on how I felt about it.  After reading all three books, I feel that the first book, “Divergent”, was the best of the series.  In “Allegiant”, Roth suddenly had the story told through the point of view of both Tris and Four.  I agree that there was a need for the two views, but I liked that the other books were told only from Tris’s point of view.  This third book was packed with simulations and attacks, but it seemed that Roth fell back on these two plot events rather than craft a great story.  I was not that satisfied with the ultimate ending and fate of Tris and Four.  I was also disappointed with the story Roth used to explain the creation of the factions.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t the ending that was provided here.  For investing so much time to read all three books, the ending was a little depressing.

I’m hoping that the film adaptation of this installment will be better than the book. Still, I have to say that this trilogy was very creative and entertaining.


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