“Catching Fire” Movie Adaptation Is Burning Hot!

imagesBecause I read “Catching Fire” more than a year ago, I had forgotten the entire story and read it again before seeing the movie adaptation.  I am always so eager to see the words of great books come alive on the screen, and this was no different.  The movie showcased all the best parts of the book, and as far as an adaptation, it was excellent!  There was so much going on in the second novel of the “Hunger Games” trilogy, that I was eager to see what would make it into the movie.  In the book, they didn’t go back into the arena until the last third of the story, and I wished that had happened sooner.  So I was very pleased with the timing of the events in the movie.

Katniss was slightly older, but not much wiser in this installment, which made her a great heroine.  She was feisty and wanted to fight against the Capital, but wasn’t able to harness that anger into a cohesive strategy on her own.  There were plenty of characters in the arena, and from one moment to the next it wasn’t clear who was Katniss’ ally and who was a foe.  The book revealed clues to the overall
plot throughout the story, but the movie eliminated those insights altogether which made the movie more exciting because the viewer was left in the dark until key moments.  The worst thing about this movie was that because it was the middle of a larger story, I was left anticipating the third and final chapter.  There wasn’t any resolution to “Catching Fire”, instead the story ignited a fire that can only be squelched with the final book, “Mocking Jay.”

Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed to be a fan of this YA series, but I just can’t say enough about Suzanne Collins dystopian world.  Her simple but direct writing crafts an adult world that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Read the book!  Watch the movie!


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