“Never Let Me Go”, Even If It Means…

th-1Is it fair to dislike a book because of the ending?  I can answer that right now, and that would be yes, yes for me.  “Never Let Me Go” is a book where saying too much about the plot would give away the mystery of the story.  The writing was very strong and mesmerizing, and this was my main draw to the novel.  Kathy was an excellent narrator, who told the story as a flashback.  She hinted at the importance of conversations and details that occurred at a boarding school she attended, and this kept me wondering what these things would all mean.  Halfway through the book, it became obvious what was in store for Kathy and her two close friends.  What disappointed me was that unlike “The Maze Runner” and “Divergent”, the characters don’t rebel against their situation, but resign themselves to their fate.  As a result, the intense writing that built up the story culminated with a tragic and flat ending.  Maybe it is a bit childish, but since I’m reading for fun, I prefer satisfying and happy endings!  If you do too, then this book is not for you.


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