Murdered By “No One You Know”

thWhen I sat down to read “No One You Know,” I tried to stop myself from having expectations that were too high based on how much I loved another one of Michelle Richmond’s other books, “The Year Of Fog.”  I didn’t succeed.  The story was okay, but nowhere near the intensity level of “Year.”  Also, the story of a young woman trying to figure out what caused her sister’s death is so generic that without the suspenseful writing present in “Sister” (one of my favorites this year), it just became another ridiculous mystery where information was too readily available to the protagonist.  That was what happened here and I stopped reading it.  This just wasn’t a favorite even though the book was well written and filled with great descriptions of both Ellie and her sister’s lives that blended seamlessly into the main plot.  I did think that the plot focusing on cracking a math equation was clever, but the execution wasn’t that exciting.  For me, the bar was set so high with “Year”, and I was disappointed this wasn’t at the same level.


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