Who Were You “Before We Met”?

thA good book for me is one I stay up late to finish reading, which is what I did with “Before We Met.”  The mystery of who Hannah’s husband, Mark,  really was and his dark secret unfolded very well in this suspenseful thriller.  I liked Hannah as a character, and the needy behavior she exhibited when she felt her marriage was over only made her seem that much more realistic.  When Mark didn’t arrive home as scheduled, Hannah stumbled upon one lie after another that revealed that Mark was not quite leading the same idyllic life she was.

What I really loved about this story was that Hannah struggled to uncover what was really going on with Mark.   Hannah put in a lot of effort to obtain small tidbits of information that didn’t automatically make sense.  The whole time I was reading this I was wondering what would happen next, because it was obvious that Mark’s flimsy excuses were hiding something big.  The full extent of who Mark was and his past was creepy and spectacular! In the last few pages, the author managed to create some great twists, all of which made sense!  This novel didn’t lapse into the familiar story line so prevalent in mysteries like these where unexpected surprises come out of nowhere.  I can’t stand that!  The writing was strong and direct, making this an easy book to get lost in.

This was a great book, and I have already looked up other books by this author.  Anyone who enjoys thrillers/mysteries like “Sister” and “Year of Fog” would also enjoy this!


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